Our policies


‘that black & white cat’ recognizes that businesses can have a negative impact on the environment. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. 


Our biggest impact on the environment is travel which is often by car. Whilst we look to reduce our travel as much as possible including sharing cars & trips, this is not often possible due to the nature of our work. Public transport is also not available due to the location of our weddings. In order to offset the carbon created by our business, we donate ten trees with more:trees for every new client. Planting trees also helps support local communities around the world, and helps create & protect animal habitats. 


This is only part of the picture and we also look to embed environmentally friendly policies throughout the business. 


This includes 

– Recycling as much of our waste as possible and making use of manufacturer specific recycling schemes 

– Purchasing recycled products 

– Using public transport, where possible, to attend meetings 

– Avoiding unnecessary travel by using online conferencing and other electronic means 

– Saving energy by using low energy products such as light bulbs and turning equipment off when not in use