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Why do I need a wedding planner?

Statistics say it takes over 250 hours to organise a wedding – some sites even say up to 750 hours! (that is a lot of organising!). A wedding planner can save you time and stress. I act as the man in the middle to deal with any questions (or problems ) and ensure everything goes to plan. I also take away the wedmin (wedding administration) and can even manage payments for you. I’ve written a blog on this subject which you can read by clicking here.


How do I get to know you?

I appreciate that it’s difficult to make any decisions by looking through a website, which is why you can pop over to book an introductory call or send us your details to receive more information. And I’m always partial to a cup of tea and slice of cake if you are local.

Having a wedding planner on board is like having your right hand man, friend and advisor all rolled into one so its important we like each other!


Wedding planner 'v' wedding co-ordinator?

A wedding planner can support you from the very start of your journey dealing with every aspect on your behalf. As such, their range of services is much wider and includes items such as RSVP management, creating your wedding style via mood boards and other resources, budget management, making payments on your behalf and proposing supplier/venue options. A wedding co-ordinator’s services are more narrow. They are often linked to just one venue and their recommended suppliers list.  A lot of the services offered by a wedding planner cannot be offered by a wedding co-ordinator.


Where are you based?

I’m based near Nottingham and travel regularly across the East Midlands (including Derby, Loughborough and Leicester), West Midlands, Rutland, Warwickshire and Lincolnshire. I will travel further afield within the UK and have done weddings as far afield as Dorset and Carlisle.

Why that black & white cat?

‘that black & white cat’ was named after ‘Sooty’. Sadly he passed away in 2020 but he was a serious looking chap who was so full of personality so what better way to honour him than to name the business after him. He used to have a bad habit of walking over the keyboard whilst I’m working and once managed to change the language!


We now have five cats in our furry brood. Panther (an adopted stray), Betty, Charley (Twitter Superstar!) and the Crumbs (Brother and Sister Biscuit and Cookie). Cookie is the new ‘black & white ca’t. If you’d would like to see some more about our cats, head over to our Instagram stories. 


What happens when we meet for the first time?

In an introductory call or face to face meeting, we’ll be discussing your ideas and requirements with absolutely no obligations. Afterwards I’ll come back to you with a detailed overview of your wedding (including budget, timetable and style) together with a proposed  bespoke wedding planning package that suits you both. If you like what you have seen you can get me on board as your wedding planner and I’ll start working with you straight away to make your wedding day a reality

Are you insured?

Yes.  I have public liability insurance up to £5 million.


Help - I'm looking for events, not weddings?

We do them too. We offer a full range of event planning including parties (birthdays, retirements, themed, house parties, cocktail parties and lots more) and corporate events. You can find out more about them here. 


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