The Story behind 'that black & white cat'


Hi there. I am Linzi – wedding planner and designer here at ‘that black & white cat’ weddings. I really believe that embracing your personalities as a couple will create an original and unique wedding day. Because why would you want your wedding to be the same as your other friends? This can be the tiniest touch to a fully styled wedding. I want you to have a wedding day you will remember for the rest of your life. A wedding which is all about you!


Outdoor and individual weddings are my speciality and I love being outdoors for a gorgeous marquee wedding. We only do about ten to fifteen weddings a year, so they get our full attention (it takes a lot of hours to plan a wedding!) and we never have more than one wedding on the same day/weekend. Once our capacity is booked up, it is gone! So do not take too long to decide as I hate to tell couples that we are already booked on their date. 


What is it like working with me? Well that I am that wingman on your side making sure everything goes smoothly! 


Our Features

this could get embarrasing...


Please do not fall asleep at this point but my career before becoming a wedding planner I was a chartered accountant (and still am officially!) within a number of FTSE 100 large corporate retail businesses. I spent over 15 years as a professional Head of Finance – budgeting, planning, negotiating, influencing, and, of course, using the obligatory spreadsheets. I know firsthand what it is like to be planning your wedding whilst working long intensive days in a professional career – I have done it myself! Oh, and I am definitely good with a spreadie! 


Why did I leave accountancy? Honest answer – I had had enough of being in the ‘rat race’ and wanted to embrace my passion – do something which I would really enjoy (and not be sat behind a desk every day!). I had also lost my mum to MS, and it made me realise there was more to life that a 9-5 job. I wanted to get out there and help other people! I met Seb (Mr TBWC), he encouraged me to pursue it further! Next thing we had registered the company name and we were out of the starting gates!


I trained with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) before I set up the business. I am a big believer in their principle of not allowing commissions in the wedding industry – a planner should work to get our couples the best price possible and give any savings obtained direct to you. If you come on board with me, you agree one fee for my services and that is it. Nice and simple!

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why 'that black & white cat'

Sooty & now Cookie

We really struggled with a business name when we were setting everything up. And then Sooty provided us with the perfect inspiration. I often get asked when we chose ‘that black & white cat weddings’. Quite simple – it is different! It stands out! You remember us. And this little guy was such a character he definitely deserved having a company named after him. It was a lot of fun creating the logo and our famous, catpersand, icon!


Sooty passed away in August 2020. He had been with me for 14 years through so many ups and downs. I was thankful with the whole COVID thing that I got to spend a whole summer with him sitting by me on the desk! He was one of a kind and ‘that black & white cat’ weddings is definitely here stay in his memory! Love you so much little guy!


Sooty has now been replaced by the gorgeous Cookie. Her and her brother Biscuit joined us in Spring 2021. We now have five cats, and you will often see them popping up on video calls!

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Behind the scenes

Random Fun facts

Here you go!

– I am a trained classical violinist & have travelled Europe with an orchestra when I was younger.

– I have walked the Inca Trail in Peru

– I am a stationery addict

– I am mad about our cats! (of  course!)

– I LOVE alpacas!

– Oh, and Flamingos! 

– Live music especially a good festival! We managed to get tickets to Glastonbury a few years ago and I cannot wait to go back again. Seb will tell you my music taste is eclectic!


What do I dislike? 

– Having my photo taken

– Brussel Sprouts 

– Scary Movies (I am a total wimp!)

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