Choosing Your Wedding Photographer? Don't Fall Into These 5 Traps...

Time for the next installment in our Wedding Planning Tips & Advice Series and this one is all about choosing your wedding photographer. Specifically what NOT to do! 

Choosing the right wedding photographer is key part of your wedding planning journey and in this blog we talk through the 5 most common traps couples fall into when doing this, and more importantly, how to avoid them!


So we’ve teamed up with Guest Expert, Nottingham Wedding Photographer – Nathan Walker Photography, to give you some wedding planning advice.  When you look back on your wedding day, your photos will be one of the most long-lasting mementos of your special occasion! They have to reflect how personal, fun and unique your wedding day was and bring back all the feelings and emotions. Let’s make it happen! 

Trap 1: they're offering a tempting


Whilst we all love a discount, your wedding photography is not an area we ever recommend making cuts in!

After the big event all the hours you spent dedicated to making it incredible, all the creative energy you put into perfecting every detail will be gone – and the best keepsake you’ll have from your day is your photo album! 

By choosing your wedding photographer for their low costs, you risk them cutting corners on equipment, editing and planning which could leave you feeling disappointed.

Don’t be let a ‘great sounding’ offer be your deciding factor – it’s not a steal if you end up with photos that don’t capture your awesome wedding in all its beautiful glory!

choosing your wedding photographer
choosing your wedding photographer
trap 2: they come recommended

by your venue

Choosing your wedding photographer can be overwhelming, and recommendations from your venue are a great place to start.  

However, your photographer’s approach has to suit your wedding and your style too – from the way they edit to the feel of the images they capture! 

The key is to find a photographer who comes well recommended and reviewed, but that you love too.

We’re not saying you should ignore your venue’s recommendations, but don’t just accept them on their advice!

Trap 3: your friend has a fancy camera...

he'll do it!

We all have that friend with a great camera who wants to help out – but think about this carefully!

Wedding photography is a different beast, and the knowledge of how to shoot in challenging and constantly changing lighting throughout the day only comes with experience.

Not to mention, wedding days are fast-paced and there are so many unmissable moments to capture! Whether you’re celebrating with lawn games or having an epic tipi knees-up, you don’t want your photographer to miss a single opportunity.

Worst of all, if you’re unhappy with your shots it could damage your future relationship. Stick to the pros and let your friends enjoy the party!

choosing a wedding photographer
choosing your wedding photographer
trap 4: you love their portfolio...

but what about them?

It’s important to remember your photographer will be like a guest at your wedding, so you need to make sure you like them! 

Their portfolio is carefully designed to showcase their best work, but they will share your whole day including your most special moments! The more comfortable you feel around them, the better.

Always meet with your photographer and get to know them, and trust your instincts!

trap 5: making last-minute


Assuming you can choose your wedding photographer at the last minute is not a trap you want to fall into!

If you’ve found someone who fits your style and you like them, book them in ASAP! Popular dates fill up at least a year ahead of time.

Choosing your wedding photographer is easy with our top tips – see below for more planning tips and advice!

choosing your wedding photographer

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