Why wear white on your wedding day?

Another guest blog today as we’re busy preparing for a clients wedding tomorrow. So welcome to Olga from Best for Bride. Based in Ontario, Canada Olga tells us all about the different trends in coloured wedding dresses and discusses different ways in which brides can add more colour to their wedding day outfit.

Ever since Queen Victoria introduced the bridal world to her white wedding dress in 1840, white has been a staple on the wedding scene*.  Centuries later, this tradition continues and most brides do not think twice about picking a white gown for their wedding day. Nonetheless, the white dress isn’t for every bride!

Whether it is because they do not favour white or because they want to look different, more brides are embracing colourful outfits for their weddings. For spectators, it is refreshing to see a colourful hue instead of regular white, as it is fun, interesting and an expression of individual style. The good news is that there is not only an amazing variety of coloured wedding gowns, but also several different ways in which you can add colour to your wedding attire.

Bold black and white


Although white wedding gowns with black embellishments have been in the wedding scene for a while, black has never been as popular as it is with wedding designers now.  Rewind to times before the Victorian era and you may be surprised to learn that black was a popular wedding dress color. It is now back with a bang with Vera Wang’s all-black bold two-piece feathered wedding dress setting the stage for a daring, new bridal look this year. Whether classic or contemporary, black is elegant and sophisticated, and would allows a bride to fashion her own unique style statement. Hence, it is a colour that is perfect for your special day.

Featured Photo –  Dress: Sophia Tolli Y21436 Gena

Beautiful in blush


This soft pink tone is one of the most popularly sought alternatives to the typical white gown. Initially a popular bridesmaid dress color, blush soon found its way into bridal fashion and became a hot trend.  Considered a safe choice that doesn’t deviate too far from white, this delicate hue looks good on most brides. Blush renders itself beautifully to modern, traditional and vintage gown styles, making sure there is something to satisfy every bride’s taste.

Featured dress: Alfred Angelo 8532

Glamorous in gold


With everything in the wedding world, from wedding cakes to bridal makeup and décor inspired by metallics, it is no wonder that brides choose to feature it in their wedding outfits too. Dresses with gold as the statement hue are opulent and gorgeous; perfect for the bride who wants to sparkle and shine on her special day. For those who aren’t sure if they want to go with gold all the way, dresses that feature extravagant golden embellishments are a great choice. Whether you choose a full-on golden stunner or a matte-finish that isn’t too shimmery, your bridal look will be memorable with this touch of bling in it. Keep the rest of the details in your attire simple, so you avoid an overly cluttered look.

Featured Dress: Disney Alfred Angelo 255

Dramatic colorful insets


If you aren’t so sure about diving headlong into colour all the way, you can still add a splash of color to your bridal outfit easily. Wedding dresses with colored insets in the neckline and back, all the way down to the train are a dramatic way to add colour into your ensemble. By including the colours of your wedding theme into your dress this way, you can achieve a unique look without going overboard. The best thing about this style is that you do not have to worry much about the colour of the trim complementing your skin tone. The white in the rest of the gown balances out this aspect.

Featured Dress: Alfred Angelo 1516

Ravishing red


If you must look absolutely fabulous on your special day, red is the colour to wear. Red symbolises fortune and marital bliss in the East, and is the staple wedding dress color for brides in India and China. Symbolism aside, it is an intense color that can make the bridal look powerfully captivating despite the intense shift from tradition. Whether you choose a wedding gown in red or add the hue as an accent color, there is no denying that it will spice up your look and make heads turn. So, think of it as an easy way to be the bride who nobody forgets.

Featured Dress: Disney Alfred Angelo 250

* Reference:https://www.marryjim.com/en/page/show/id/30/template/history

All photo’s courtesy of Best for Bride (http://www.BestForBride.com)

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