We only went and won best wedding planner

Monday night seems like a blurr – I can’t believe we walked away with both Overall, and Regional, Best Wedding Planner at the English Wedding Awards! 

Last year we won best Wedding Planner for the region (the East Midlands) so I knew we were in with a chance. I submitted all the supporting documentation for the final judging and kept our fingers crossed. 

Held at Athena, Leicester, which is a beautiful art deco venue, we sat down to our table right at the back. The furthest away from the stage! I thought well that’s not good – you know how at the Oscar’s all the award winners are on the front row! My second thought was – if we do win, I am wearing ridiculously high heels (for me!) and I’ve got to walk all that way without falling over!! 

Our award was being announced after dinner. I was so nervous. Seb was doing his best to calm me down but as it came closer and closer I started feeling sick. I very rarely feel sick when I’m nervous but this one was big time. Then we were announced as regional winner. I walked up to the stage (without falling over!) and accepted our certificate. I then had to stand there, on my own, whilst all the other regional winners were called. My heart was thumping so much. I didn’t dare look up at the 200+ wedding suppliers in the audience as I knew it would make it worse. 

And then she said our name for best Overall Best Wedding Planner! Woohoo!!!! Yay!!! Now I’ve got to make a speech. Eeek! Seb says I squeaked all the way through but I think I managed to thank both him and by fellow wedding suppliers for all their help on our journey this last year. 


It amazing when you step back and look at what you have achieved over the past year. So it’s time to say my thankyou’s 

 – To all our awesome couples from the past year – some of which are featured on the blog. It was an honour to be a part of your wedding days and help you plan them

 – To Seb. My rock and the best business partner. I guess lugging all those heavy wedding items was worth it! I couldn’t do this without you

 – To my fellow wedding suppliers and venues. As an independent wedding planner I can’t do this without your support and you’ve given it in bucket loads. A big shout out to the Leicester Wedding Network who have been supporter from Day 1. 

So here’s to the next year at the home of the ‘No Ordinary Wedding’. We’ve got more exciting things in the pipeline including a new venture called ‘Unconventional Wedding’ (more to come on that) and we’ve just taken on board a new farm wedding venue. Watch this space! 

Linzi x

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Where did the halo come from?

Best wedding planner for the east midlands and overall - english wedding awards