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Want to have a ‘Best Dog’ or ‘Cat Of Honour’ on your big day? Pets at weddings are CUTE, but can be complicated. We all love our furry friends, so including them in our celebrations seems natural. Here are some tips for incorporating your pet into your wedding day. Keep reading for lots of gorgeous animal snaps!

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The Practicalities

Of course, the animal’s welfare comes first! Let’s be realistic, it’s unlikely your pet will be there for the whole of your wedding. Lots of drunk people and loud music isn’t the best environment for a fluffy one. 


Maybe you want your pet to play a part in your ceremony, or be there for the wedding photos. Arrange this with a trusted friend or pet sitter to get them there and back. Sort out your timings in advance to save faffing on the day!

Animal Photoshoots

A great way to include pets at weddings is by involving them in your photos! Plan out the shots with your photographer beforehand, and schedule plenty of time because we all know what animals can be like! 

Here are some things to watch out for: 

– Muddy paws – Not near your lovely white dress!

– Patience – Don’t expect too much of your pet – go easy on them!

– Behaviour – You might not need to worry if you have a well-trained pup, but if your pet is a cheeky one, they could be jumping all over your guests! 

Alternatively, arrange a pre/post wedding shoot with your fluffy friend. This means they get more of your attention, and you won’t have time pressure to get ‘the shot’.

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Pets at Wedding ceremonies

This is where you can get creative with pets at weddings! I once planned a wedding where the couple dressed the dogs up and walked them down the aisle – So cute! We’ve all seen the ‘Best Dog’ and ‘Animal Ringbearer’ ideas… They’ll never get old! 

What about matching accessories, so your pet can match your wedding theme? Providing they’re comfortable, why not treat them to a new collar, bow tie, tutu, or flower garland? Careful though, they might just steal the show!

When its just not an option

Maybe your venue won’t allow animals, or you simply think it’d be too much stress to have your pet at the wedding. There are still adorable ways you can incorporate your furry friend into your celebration. Perhaps you can get them a special treat to mark the occasion or have them as part of your wedding invitations/thank yous. You could subtly incorporate a paw print in your decor or bouquet so they’re ‘with you’ on the day. There are limitless options – you could even make a cardboard cut out! 


I have 4 cats and can’t even get a picture of them all in the same place… I could never expect them to be in my wedding photos! We’re all about honouring pets at weddings without taking it too far.


Need help figuring out these practicalitles? Check out our wedding planning packages here!

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