Meet our yummiest wedding creation yet

Oh yes – it’s a doughnut wall! (Or donut wall as we’ve debating as TBWC HA!) 

Anyway ‘doughnut worry, be happy’. Our wooden doughnut (or donut) wall for you to hire for your wedding day. Made from reclaimed pallet wood and stained in dark oak, it comes as floor standing (a massive 2 metres tall!) or table top (just over 1 metre). We giving it ‘a hole lotta love’. 

And it can hold over 70 of the yummiest doughnuts / donuts you’ve ever seen (the ones featured are from Doughnotts). The sign on our doughnut wall is also customisable – we get it printed especially for you on clear acrylic and just slots on top. 

So ‘doughnut leave me hangin’ – give us a shout for for collection or delivery from South Nottingham from £150. 

Wooden doughnut wall available to hire - floor standing or table top 2

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