Why you need a wedding planner

by Linzi

A lot of people often ask why I need a wedding planner?

Reasons include I can do it all myself. It seems like a waste of money. They are expensive. It’s my day why would I want someone else to organise it?

Putting that all aside for a few minutes, there are a lot of reasons why a wedding planner could work for you.

1. A wedding planner will save you time

It takes an average 250 hours to plan a wedding (though some recent research said it was as high as 750 hours with browsing the internet in lunch hours!). I will take away the majority of this, including all the wedding administration aspects, allowing you to enjoy the run up to your special day.

2. A wedding planner can save you money

A wedding planner can save you money by negotiating with suppliers on your behalf. I’ve saved a client from over-paying nearly a thousand pounds before because I spotted a mistake on the costings.

Always make sure you use a wedding planner which is trained by a professional alliance (such as the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) where we were trained) to make sure they always pass these savings back to you. Ensure this is written into any terms and conditions in advance. This is best practice.

3. Wedding planner’s aren’t as expensive as you think!

The key is matching a planners’ services to your budget and requirements. Make sure you only pay for services you need and get value out of every £ you spend. Look for a wedding planner who is willing to be flexible with their packages. Every event is individual and packages should reflect that.

This is the reason why I haven’t filled our website with endless wedding packages – every package we pull together is personalised and reflects what you need. You can check out out wedding planning packages by clicking here.

4. A wedding planner is with you from the start of the journey

A wedding planner supports you from the very start of your journey dealing with every aspect. They will offer a much wider service than wedding co-ordinators which are often venue focused.

These services include RSVP management, creating your wedding theme via mood boards and other resources, budget management, making payments on your behalf and proposing supplier/venue options. A wedding planner really becomes your right hand man (or woman)!

5. A wedding designer will create the design for your wedding day

Providing inspiration from current trends or nurturing the early shoots of your own ideas to come to full fruition. A wedding planner can make your vision a reality!

6. Trustworthy, reliable wedding suppliers

All independent wedding planners have a little black book of trustworthy, reliable wedding suppliers, and will help you find the very best in your area. Suppliers that can be relied upon not to let you down – how well do you really know that person you’ve just picked up off the internet!

A planner will also proof read any contracts you are asked to sign to make sure there are no clauses to catch you out.

7. A wedding planner will reduce stress

A wedding planner will remove the load and stress of planning a wedding. For example, acting as the middle man with suppliers and dealing with any last minute crises.

Even if you’ve not booked a wedding planner from the beginning, you can always book one later if needed.

8. Budget management

They should help you manage to your budget throughout the process along with regular updates. Most planners offer a service where they will actually pay the suppliers on your behalf removing another set of tasks from your list.

9. On the day management

This ensures that everything runs smoothly. Most planners will provide from 9 hours on the day – setting everything up well in advance and liaising with other suppliers to make sure that everything goes exactly to plan. They’ll deal with any last minute hiccups so you don’t have to get involved. Most planners offer an ‘on the day management’ package on its own.

10. Independent is key

‘that black & white cat’ is an independent planner which means I’m not tied to any specific or preferred suppliers. I’ll bring you a choice of suppliers based on your requirements not on a pre-determined, recommended supplier list.

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