Which wedding planning package do i need?

by Linzi
Guide to our wedding planning services

Deciding which wedding planning package you need can be difficult. After all you only use a wedding planner (hopefully) once in your life. How do you know what they even do? Also wedding planning feels like a relatively new thing in the UK and you can be faced with a bewildering number of packages.  How do you decide which one is best for you?

That’s where our handy flowchart comes in! Let us run you through the options.

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Let’s start at the beginning  with  our ‘Purrfect Package’ (aka full wedding planning). This is ideal for the bride who is tight on time and wants to hand everything over to a wedding planner. Now when I say hand ‘everything’ over, usually the bride would still arrange her dress and hair & make up, for example, but it can be flexible and I’ve been wedding dress shopping before.

What you are giving to your planner is all the wedding administration. This includes finding suppliers and venues, managing RSVP’s, managing the budget, reminding you of payment dates, making payments on your behalf, booking accommodation for guests, arranging transport and reviewing contracts. And this is just the start of the administration list!

This is a great option if you are planning a destination UK wedding from overseas and need a local person on the ground. I’ll be your eyes and ears to put all the necessary arrangements in place.

For more details on this option click here.

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Next is ‘On the Day’ Management. I’ll come on board usually 4-6 weeks before your wedding day and take control of all your arrangements. I’ll be there with you on your wedding day to make sure everything goes to plan right down to the very last detail. This is particularly ideal if you are having a ‘dry hire’ venue (you’re hiring all your suppliers in) or you’re having a DIY wedding with lots of different suppliers who need organising. It also saves having to allocate tasks to family and friends on your wedding day.  We offer both an ‘outdoor’ on the day management package (it’s more complicated) and one for managed venues. 

Next up is Partial Wedding Planning – this is a mixture of full wedding planning and on the day. It provides you with more support as a planner would usually come on board 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. Remember, any wedding planning support package is flexible and it should only include the things you need. For more details on this package click here.


Venue and supplier sourcing

I also do venue and supplier sourcing – let me do the running around to find your perfect venue. To find that perfect supplier that you didn’t know existed. Our little black book of contacts certainly does come in handy!

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