Planning an outdoor wedding can be tough ...

… especially if you are creating your wedding venue from scratch in a field. Depending on the site, there will be various different amount of infrastructure available to you without bringing it in. I’m talking toilet, water, power …. the basics! 

So as an experienced outdoor wedding planner, if you were to ask me the top 10 things that you need for planning an outdoor wedding what would you need? Here we go! 

Top 10 things to think about when Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Photo Only Lovers Photography

1. Land

You need to find a site first – it’s kinda essential! Perhaps something with stunning views? A river? Room for glamping?

Photo Vicky Clayson Photography

2. Marquee, tipi, sailcloth, yurt ...

Structure next. So many options / styles to consider. Depending on step 1. you may have already chosen a venue with specific suppliers e.g. a dedicated tipi wedding venue 

outdoor wedding bride - how to plan an outdoor wedding
Photo Kirsty Rockett Photography

3. Power

It’s pretty certain you are going to need a generator. Let your supplier for 2. advise you on what you need & always get the generator company advise you on how much fuel / size. No-one expects you to be an electrician! 

outdoor wedding handfasting ceremony - how to plan an outdoor wedding - celebrant wedding
Photo Vicky Clayson Photography

4. Lighting

You need to light up all the walkways for later in the evening. No-one wants Granny Smith falling over going back to her car. For example, you could rent festoon or flood lighting 

Photo by us!

5. Refrigeration

Your drinks need to be cold. There is nothing worse than warm white wine! You’ll probably need a fridge unit bringing in unless your bar company isn’t dealing with it all for you. You can also use it to store ice short term too!  

Photo Yvonne Lishman Photography

6. Water

You might not have a water supply in the field. Or, if you do, is it drinking water? When was it last tested? Do consider the environment if you purchase loads of plastic bottled water. Make sure you have recycling bins available

Photo Angela Ward Brown

7. Heating

Depending on the time of year you might need some heating. Usually you can decide this the week before when you have seen a more accurate weather forecast

outdoor photo booth - the pixie booth - marquee wedding - tipi wedding - how to plan an outdoor wedding
Photo Kirsty Rockett Photography

8. Wet weather plan

You always need one! If you’re having an outdoor ceremony what happens if it rains? Do you have room to go inside? If you’re having food vans, how will people get to them without getting wet?

Photo Yvonne Lishman Photography

9. Get some help

Of course I would say this, but always get yourself a helper on the day to manage the site for you. A good wedding planner is worth their weight in gold and can deal with pretty much any scenario!

and finally .... 10. Have fun!

outdoor wedding bride with alpacas - field wedding - how to plan an outdoor wedding
outdoor wedding bride with birds of prey - field wedding - how to plan an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are AMAZING for doing all kinds of unique things.  Outdoor photobooths, alpacas ( my favourite), birds of prey (great for children), mini golf, fairground rides and games ….. the list is endless! 

Feature photo and final carousel (alpacas and birds of prey from Vicki Clayson Photography. ) Photobooth photo from Lumiere Wedding Photography. 

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