The Secret Wedding Room

the secret wedding room - private facebook support group for weddings

The Secret Wedding Room is an exclusive private support group for all couples currently planning their weddings. It’s your secret weapon to planning the perfect wedding. You can access it by clicking here.

What is ‘The Secret Wedding Room’?

It’s a private facebook group for anyone planning their wedding. You can ask questions of fellow couples and expert suppliers in this group knowing that only people in the group can see them.

How will ‘The Secret Wedding Room’ help me?

You can ask literally any questions (wedding related of course!) of the Group. Get advice to any problems planning your wedding. Request supplier recommendations. You can even let off steam if that is what you need.

We will also have  weekly supplier Q&A sessions every Friday where you ask our top suppliers specific questions on their areas.  We’ll also be sharing top wedding tips. We have a lot of industry experts in the group so feel free to pick their brains.

Will there be any supplier advertisements?

Absolutely not! Any wedding suppliers in the group are there to offer advice and support. Of course, if you ask for a recommendation they might offer their services if they are available. Any Ad’s will be deleted as soon as a Group Admin see’s them (please bear with us if it’s overnight!) and any repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

the secret wedding room - wedding support group - click here to enter

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