How to personalise your wedding

by Linzi

A wedding is a once in a lifetime chance to celebrate your relationship. A party is a chance to celebrate a milestone or an achievement. It’s all about you. Make it yours! (and here’s how some tips on how to do just that!).

How to get started?

  • Hobbies – do you have any hobbies? For example, do you like walking or playing specific sports? Are you mad about real ale or wine? What have you enjoyed doing together as a couple?
  • Favourite colours – this should be an easier one. This is a great place to start in terms of bringing it all together.
  • Favourite film – this can be a specific film or a genre.
  • Favourite music – which artists or type of music do you like? Have you been to any concerts or festivals?
  • Memorable occasions – think about memorable occasions in your life or since you first met. For example, where/how did you meet? Where was your first kiss? What has been your biggest achievement?
  • Shared adventures – have you had any adventures? For example, trekking holidays, safari etc.
  • Your heritage – where are you from?

How to do it?

I know it sounds like a corporate exercise but get yourself a massive piece of paper, some flip chart pens and start brainstorming ideas. Just put down whatever comes into your head. Don’t hesitate – you could lose it! Once you’ve got all your ideas narrow it down to 2-3 ideas. Some will work together – some might not.

I always advise sleeping on things – the brain rationalises things when you sleep! Ask friends and family for advice if needed.

Some great ideas ….

(By the way most of these apply to both weddings and events but some are better to suited to weddings!)  


Okay so getting a personalised monogram designed for your wedding might seem a little OTT but they really do make an impact. From your invitations, to aisle runners, even popping on your card box like the picture below. And you get to keep it forever!


Photo courtesy of Apple Crates UK (

bottle6Your own brew

Companies such as the Carlton Towers Brewery will now make your own ale/beer. They even offer experience days in advance where you brew your own beer (what a great stag/hen/birthday party option?). With personalised labels and pump clips, you can even create your own names (we like “Hoppy ever after” and “I do brew” from a friends recent wedding – you know who you are!).

Photo courtesy of the Carlton Towers Brewery (

Your favourite cocktail

Hot on the heels of your own brew is your own personalised or favourite cocktails. Serve as welcome drinks when your guests arrive. Get your own dedicated mixologists to spin the cocktail shakers all night long with a personalised cocktail menu.


One of the easiest ideas is to arrange for miniature chocolates to be printed with your names on them. How about teaming up your favourite flavours in a colour co-ordinated bag? Or even extend this to your favourite other foods or drink such as coffee, sweets, lollipops, macaroons… Do pairs of favours which reflect both of you.

half and half spider man cakeDesign an amazing cake

Cakes are incredibly versatile as you can pretty much express anything. So how about a themed cake (make it a half and half cake if you’re not that daring or want to retain some classic elements?

Photo courtesy of Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes (


Now this one can be quite a wide one with plenty of options. Memories of your first meal to serving your Gran’s apple pie recipe. How about late night snacks from a burger or pizza van – whatever you frequented post night clubbing! (I confess – mine was chips from the Chicken takeaway!)

Incorporate photos

How about invitations with pictures of you together? This can be from now or individual pictures of when you were younger.


Photos courtesy of foto fusion® (

Follow this through with a photo table plan at your reception or a polaroid guest book – you can even remember people who are no longer with you. If you want to go bigger set up a projector with photos of all your guests! If you are technically minded set up a live feed with real-time photos!

Music choices

Make sure your wedding playlist incorporates your favourite songs. Hire wedding entertainment that reflects your style E.g. 1950’s rock and roll or jazz. Some wedding websites will even let your guests submit their favourite songs too!


Photo courtesy of the Paul Ace Music (

I could talk for ages about this subject. There are so many great options and some brilliant small businesses out there who personalise virtually anything. So shop local, shop small and create your own personalised wedding. Linzi x


Feature photo courtesy of Apple Crates UK (

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White Taxi Weddings April 26, 2016 - 9:06 pm

Some great ideas, and you’ve obviously found your niche! 😀

that black and white cat April 29, 2016 - 11:28 am

Thankyou! Glad you like it. It takes me so long to write them sometimes!!!!

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