How to get the rustic themed wedding look

by Linzi

As featured in the October/November issue of County Weddings Magazines ‘Your East Midlands Wedding’ I provided wedding inspiration on the popular wedding trend of a rustic themed wedding.

So look below for loads of ideas on how you can implement these looks (with the odd little twist!).

Inspiration for a rustic themed wedding

Photo courtesy of Tigerbear photography
  • Rustic themed weddings don’t need to to be complicated or fancy. Taking simple fairy or festoon lights, a few white poms and a gorgeous barn – what more could you ask for? And it doesn’t break the bank either.
  • You can match the pom poms to your colour scheme and add extra effect, add larger paper lanterns.
  • For the evening, add small LED bulbs inside the lanterns to create a glowing lantern effect. They look really awesome with the lights turned down.
  • Use real wooden logs as your wedding invitations orr seed paper invitations that can be planted afterwards.
  • Use pinecones or small wooden logs for place holders. Don’t forget the added personal touches – small wooden hearts with the couple’s name or small rustic butterflies.
Photos courtesy of Tigerbear photography
  • Pick in season flowers which are naturally held together to create that country side meadow look. Small glass flower vases look great personalised with glass painting kits such as the simple red heart below.
Photos courtesy of Tigerbear photography
  • Go for a full out rustic countryside themed cake (as featured in the photo above)? This couple included everything from their three dogs to the vegetable patch. The ultimate in personalisation. Though please make sure your dogs don’t eat the cake the day before the wedding! (Yes it really did happen but it was rescued it just in time!)
  • Give guests tree saplings as wedding favours – these can be personalised with your own message and replanted after the wedding for a last souvenir of your special day.
  • Tie photos around the venue on rustic garden string – finish off with little touches such as ladybird pegs. The little touches really do make a big difference.
  • Use burlap bunting with ‘Just Married’ to adorn your head table or just pop behind.
  • Don’t just get the ‘usual’ metal postbox – why not opt for a beautiful wooden one with your own personalised motif? The gorgeous crates above are from Apple Crates UK.  They even do rustic signs to tell your guests where to go!

rustic themed wedding inspiration - DIY photobooth

Photo courtesy of Thomas Thomas Photography
  • A twist on rustic? Create your own photobooth with matching flower vases and hanging wedding ring just like the photo. Or just use for decoration?
  • Create a hanging photobooth den with different size/colour frames (embrace IKEA for DIY props!) – smaller ones lower down for the children too. You can hang photos of your family in the high up frames for added effect!


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