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by Linzi

Today sees the first of our forthcoming guest blogs. So welcome to Ben from Thomas Thomas Photography – a documentary wedding photographer based in the Midlands.

Confetti Shower wedding

My Journey Into Wedding Photography

I have always been interested in fleeting subtle details. Not perhaps from the earliest of ages, but definitely from an earlier age…

Photography wise this manifested in a love of capturing details in fairly normal subjects such as leaves while always hoping to show something that isn’t normally how you would see them. I found it incredibly therapeutic wandering around in nature, patiently photographing a leaf for what was probably a ridiculously long time…


For a while I sold the odd photograph in local art galleries – and sometimes on online galleries too. This dandelion clock photograph was probably my best selling picture. It was taken at sunset by a lake; the setting sun reflecting in the lake in the background causing a perfect bokeh backdrop.


My photography has evolved since then – i.e. taking photos of people more and more (and not so much static inanimate objects). However, I’ve always tried to keep the same sense of approach with whatever I photograph true to my earlier nature rambling approach.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to find people meld with nature, such as this photo of a couple of friends captured while performing improvised dancing at dawn…


I hadn’t planned to become a wedding photographer as such, but fell into it after photographing my sisters wedding as a guest / photographer. This was achieved with quite a cheap entry level camera – but by staying faithful to shooting wide open with a couple of prime lenses I was able to cope with the many situations a wedding throws at you during the eventful long day.

Confetti Shower ii smaller smaller

My first wedding was quite exhausting. Most probably due to being a guest AND photographer. But curiously I found many parallels with wandering around in nature capturing images… Somehow the buzz, stress and excitement of a wedding day presented a stream of opportunities to capture endless images – incomprehensibly reminding me of the stream of imagery that presents when spending the day wandering around Dartmoor in Devon. It didn’t make sense. But it didn’t have to. It just felt similar, somehow?

So this really is the best way I can perhaps explain the appeal to me of shooting weddings. The constant flow of opportunity that rushes by and the challenge of not letting it pass by and slip uncaptured. Absorbing the excitement and emotions of the day and being part of something so important for the people surrounding you during those precious hours and minutes that are invariably planned with such thought, meaning and detail…

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Thomas Thomas photography is a documentary wedding photographer based in the Midlands. With a style of natural, unposed story telling photography, he loves to work in the most unobtrusive manner possible; photographing your wedding discreetly yet observantly, capturing naturally all the moments to piece together the full tale of your special wedding day. Check out for more details.

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