About me (the power behind the paw!)

by Linzi

This post is all about saying “Hello” and telling you a little bit about me and ‘that black & white cat’.


“My name is Linzi and I’m mad about weddings!”

The only thing I’m madder about is my partner Seb (who is also part of team ‘that black & white cat’) and our three cats (Sooty, Betty and Charley). Sooty (far right below), of course, is the black & white cat.

Before I became a wedding and event planner, I lived my life as an accountant. Yes, it’s true! Quite a career change but I find it really helps me in terms of managing wedding budgets, quotes and supplier relationships.


Why did I leave accountancy?

Honest answer – I’d had enough of being in the ‘rat race’ and wanted to embrace my passion – do something which I would really enjoy (and not be sat behind a desk every day!). All it took was some encouragement from Seb and we’d registered the company name and we were out of the starting gates!


Why wedding planning?

I can’t explain how amazing it is to be part of a couple’s special day. Yes, it can be hard work (sometimes my feet ache so much!) but it is so worth it. I love the creative side especially creating new themes and designs which haven’t been tried before.  And I love making things – if you want something and I can’t find it, I’ll make it for you!


What are my interests outside of weddings and events?

Well I love ……

  • Cats (obvious!)
  • Live music especially a good festival!
  • Anything colourful – I constantly dye my hair different colours (never too mad but its currently a red pinky purple colour). It also helps get rid of the grey hairs which i’ve had since the age of 16!
  • Shoes (Irregular choice all the way)

Here are some more of my favourite things (starting from top left!)

My new found love of hats – Who doesn’t like a glass of fizz especially when the sun is shining – Country walks – Beach sunset in Koi Samui, Thailand – Spending time with my man! – Taking in the views at Yosemite National Park – Cuddling a 1 day old baby alpaca in Peru – Walking the Inca trail and making it to Macchu Picchu (my single biggest and hardest achievement) – My late mum and dad. 



What do i dislike?

  • Having my photo taken
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Scary movies

So why not get in touch and say hello!

Linzi x


Would totally recommend having [Linzi] as a wedding planner/coordinator on the day” “It just made us feel so at ease knowing that we didn’t have to think about anything except for enjoying ourselves. Linzi was really professional, super organised and very good at forward planning and spotting potential loopholes in some of our plans”

C&L wedding

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