About me (the power behind the paw!)

This post is all about saying “Hello” and telling you a little bit about me and ‘that black & white cat’.


“My name is Linzi and I’m mad about weddings!”

The only thing I’m madder about is my partner Seb (who is also part of team ‘that black & white cat’) and our three cats (Sooty, Betty and Charley). Sooty (far right below), of course, is the black & white cat.

Before I became a wedding and event planner, I lived my life as an accountant. Yes, it’s true! Quite a career change but I find it really helps me in terms of managing wedding budgets, quotes and supplier relationships.

Why did I leave accountancy?

Honest answer – I’d had enough of being in the ‘rat race’ and wanted to embrace my passion – do something which I would really enjoy (and not be sat behind a desk every day!). All it took was some encouragement from Seb and we’d registered the company name and we were out of the starting gates!

Why wedding planning?

I can’t explain how amazing it is to be part of a couple’s special day. Yes, it can be hard work (sometimes my feet ache so much!) but it is so worth it. I love the creative side especially creating new themes and designs which haven’t been tried before.  And I love making things – if you want something and I can’t find it, I’ll make it for you!

What are my interests outside of weddings and events?

Well I love ……

  • Cats (obvious!)
  • Live music especially a good festival!
  • Anything colourful – I constantly dye my hair different colours (never too mad but its currently a red pinky purple colour). It also helps get rid of the grey hairs which i’ve had since the age of 16!
  • Shoes (Irregular choice all the way)

Here are some more of my favourite things (starting from top left!)

My new found love of hats – Who doesn’t like a glass of fizz especially when the sun is shining – Country walks – Beach sunset in Koi Samui, Thailand – Spending time with my man! – Taking in the views at Yosemite National Park – Cuddling a 1 day old baby alpaca in Peru – Walking the Inca trail and making it to Macchu Picchu (my single biggest and hardest achievement) – My mum and dad. 


What do i dislike?

  • Having my photo taken
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Scary movies


So why not get in touch and say hello!

Linzi x

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